Blackjack strategy

If you are getting the vibe to sharpen your blackjack strategy, then this piece is for you. It offers you various forms of blackjack playing strategies for black jack that can be applied to all variations of the game.

If you understand blackjack rules very well, you will know that it is entirely the casino’s choice to decide the number of decks they will be using. It could be one, or two or three or they go as far as eight, it all depends on the casino’s policy. The “how many decks?” question has to be put into serious consideration when creating a winning blackjack tactic.

This text further goes on to discuss about how many deck numbers are used to determine the type of strategy to be employed for play. Blackjack variations which use multiple decks require a different playing approach as to the single deck type.

All of our tactic charts make use of statistical odds, i.e we have carefully selected actions that will give you the best winning chance(s) in that each of the different versions. Bear this in mind, no strategy can guarantee you 100% chances of winning, but with a guide that teaches you to know “when not to hit in blackjack” you are edging towards winning.

Single Deck Blackjack Hand Chart

Our single deck play chart here has been designed for playing with 52 cards. Any time you are dealing with this style of blackjack, this is the strategy chart to follow.

Single Deck Blackjack Hand Chart

As it’s clearly presented, you will see that the single deck blackjack tactic chart guides you to make the best moves depending on the values of your cards (your initial hand). You are to take the chart as your Almighty, your personal blackjack lord and savior, anytime you blackjack playing comes to the single deck version. The option of printing the chart out and owning a physical copy is a reasonable one, but know that you will only be able to use it when playing online. You should note too that when you are playing in land-based casinos, you will not be allowed to use “the cheat chart” when playing. It is only useful when playing online.

2 Deck Blackjack Strategy

2 Deck Blackjack Strategy

When you are playing the 2 deck blackjack, a different strategy is required, compared to when playing with only the single deck blackjack. Our breakdown presented in the chart above reveals that blackjack players need to make their moves based on the odds of the double deck blackjack which has been carefully calculated by our statistical experts, so that you can get a great edge over the dealer, and a huge winning advantage.

This version of blackjack also offers you some room to make use of certain basic tips, like the allowance to split aces and eights and the choice to stand, in a situation where your initial cards total up to a hand value of 20.

4 Deck Blackjack Strategy

4 Deck Blackjack Strategy

Coming up now is the four deck blackjack or as it is otherwise called, the 208 cards blackjack

The formula for this mode of blackjack is similar to virtually any type of blackjack hit tactic table. What you have to do is analyze the dealer’s cards, and your own cards. Based on your observation, you take another look at the chart and take your desired course of action.

Blackjack Strategy 6 Deck

Blackjack Strategy 6 Deck

There is no perfect winning blackjack strategy, but the idea of having a smart-guide blackjack tactic table helping you through the course of play is definitely a plus. The strategy chart for the six decks can also work for the 8 decks blackjack. Persistently sticking to the basic blackjack tactic table is the best playing strategy for winning in these game modes.

Blackjack Switch Odds

It’s possible you have noticed or heard that blackjack has another version called the switch version, which adds to the exciting thrill of the game due to the fact that players are allowed to move cards between hands. For this game mode, the most suitable strategy to go by is to carefully examine all hands and follow the indication of the playing strategy sheet below:

Blackjack Switch Odds

What are those sacred guidelines of blackjack to abide by when playing to win? The answer to that is not hard at all – the most important thing is to make sure you choose the right playing tactic from the aforementioned strategies. Though not all, most online betting platforms will give you the chance to play whichever version of the game you desire; that way you can use the right strategy for the mode you are playing.

When it comes to black jack strategies, the number of decks does not necessarily affect your chances of winning. It’s likely you will need to tweak your playing strategy based on the playable cards, but the statistical odds are still calculated to ensure you are using the best strategy to get an edge above the dealer (casino).

In case the strategy isn’t going the way you anticipated, just continue using the strategy. There is a high probability that it will still work in the long run.

How to count cards in blackjack

This is one interestingly unique strategy for winning big in Blackjack. A lot of experienced players agreed that the strategy is a very strong tactic that can be employed to get ahead of others in the game and win big. There are two major issues with this strategy; the first being that casinos have realized the danger the blackjack card counting strategy pose to them; and that players cannot count card openly. Players are advised to be very cautious and secretive when counting.

Now, before the article proceeds on card counting, you are already probably pondering on what card counting is. Card counting is an interesting blackjack strategy that some players have referred to as simple, while some have branded it complex. The system works on identifying the number of low and high cards that have already been passed from the deck. If this is done successfully, the player counting will attempt to guess the next set of cards, whether they will be high or low. If the player can accurately count the cards, and correctly estimate the next card being served, he would have edged closer to emerging the winner better than any other player at the deck.

This is a step by step guide of how to count blackjack cards. Firstly, you need to assign certain values to a range of cards. Check this example:

  • Use “1” to represent all cards from 2 to 6.
  • Use “0” to represent all those from 7 to 9.
  • Use “-1” to represent those ranging from 10 to A.

The counting begins from zero (0) and as the cards are passed around, you either add or minus the total card value. This is called your “running count.” Make sure you use the outcome you obtain to your advantage by placing a bet anytime it comes out positive.

In the case of blackjack versions that use more than one deck, you are to use the “true count.” Due to the multi deck nature of these variations, what you do is to divide the running count with the number of decks that have not been played. If the outcome you get is positive, then you should bet.

Hope you liked our “how to count cards” in blackjack piece? If your answer is yes, Great! Ensure you practice and master it before you head out to the casino or open your computer to log in and play online.


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